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August 25, 2013 at 2:50pm


Concert Window Success Story: James Gurney


James Gurney (full disclosure: father of Concert Window CEO Dan Gurney) is an award-winning artist who created the NY Times-bestselling Dinotopia series and runs the popular art blog Gurney Journey

Last night he did the first ever live art webshow on Concert Window OPEN. 

He describes his setup in detail over on his blog. It’s a highly informative post for anyone thinking of doing an OPEN webshow, so I recommend heading over and reading it. 

In short, James invested in a USB camera and USB microphone to plug into his MacBook Pro. 


Camera: IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera - $62.92

Microphone: MXL-TEMPO-SK USB Condenser Mic - $64.98

The resulting audio/video quality was fantastic. He talked into the camera to start the webshow and then pointed it at his sketch in progress. It was extremely cool to watch the sketch happen in real time.

The stats: There were over 100 people watching simultaneously. 22 tips were given, and altogether the show page was viewed 3559 times. James did a very cool promotion where anyone who tipped over $35 received a signed DVD with free shipping. 5 people took advantage of that promotion.

In all, James made $448.39 for his half hour webshow. 

- - -

Are you an artist who wants to monetize a live demo? Sign up for free at, and email with any questions along the way. 


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