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February 5, 2014 at 10:16am

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How to Broadcast Using Your Own Production Setup

image(Photo by Scott W. Smith)

Are you interested in webcasting a show on Concert Window and using your own production setup instead of the built-in laptop camera? 

That’s great – here’s how to interface with our system.

First, you’ll need a way to get video and audio into the computer (we recommend a desktop with quad-core processor). For video we recommend an HDMI or SDI cable out of the camera(s) into a live capture card like the Blackmagic Intensity Pro (your mileage may vary on the other models – you’ll have to consult a pro on that). For audio we recommend an 1/8” line-in from the soundboard into the computer, but there are plenty of other ways to do it. 

Once video and audio have been brought into the computer, you can use encoding software like Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast to actually upload the live stream to our servers.

Where do you send the stream? Once you’ve scheduled your show on Concert Window, visit your Artist Dashboard and choose the option to “Download xml file.” Open that xml file in FMLE or Wirecast and it will pre-load the stream destination, which will send it directly to us.

We’ll handle the rest, including ticketing, video delivery to desktop/mobile, and live support.

Once you’ve scheduled a show, you can also do a private test stream, so you can troubleshoot all your equipment before showtime. 

If you’re ready, you can create your show here:

November 17, 2013 at 2:22pm

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Concert Window Success Story: Donie Carroll & Gabriel Donohue Benefit for the Mercy Centre

Yesterday we had our first charity concert on Concert Window OPEN. Donie Carroll, a well known Irish singer living in Queens NY, put together a weekend of music to benefit the Mercy Centre in Bangkok.

The Mercy Centre is an important organization which describes its work as follows: “We work to help the children and communities of the many slums of Bangkok. Together with our neighbors in the slums we create simple-but-progressive solutions that touch the lives of thousands of the poor every day. We build and operate schools, improve family health and welfare, protect street children’s rights, combat the AIDS crisis, respond to daily emergencies, and offer shelter to orphans, to street children, and to children and adults with AIDS – always together, hand in hand and heart to heart with the people we serve. We stand together with the poor.”

Donie asked Concert Window if he could live stream a benefit concert from Murphy’s Bar in Queens, and we were happy to participate. 100% of profits from the live stream were donated to the Mercy Centre.

With the extremely generous support of viewers from around the world, who contributed an average of $18+ per person, Donie and Gabriel raised $685.13 from the hour-long webshow, all of which will go directly to benefit those in need. 

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Want to schedule your own charity event on Concert Window? Email us

November 13, 2013 at 10:47am

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Concert Window Success Stories: Brian Conway; Stephanie Coleman & Cleek Schrey

A few recent performers have used Concert Window OPEN in ways it was never intended to be used – and we love that.

Brian Conway, the world renowned New York-Irish fiddle player, recently set up a laptop at a house concert he was doing in Virginia, and webcasted the second half of the concert online. 26 people tuned in, bought tickets, and contributed tips during the show, and thanks to their support, Brian earned $192.07 from the webshow. Everyone at the house concert got to enjoy the show as they normally would, but thanks to Brian’s use of Concert Window, the rest of the world could tune in too. 

The day after Brian’s show, two fiddle players named Cleek Schrey and Stephanie Coleman did an OPEN webshow of their own. This one had a different format. Cleek and Steph are brilliant old-time fiddle players and they decided to put on what can only be described as a variety show. What ensued is probably the most fun webshow that Concert Window has seen so far.


Cleek and Steph employed some narrative devices which poked fun at the online nature of the concert. As the webcast began, we saw two people looking into the screen, trying to figure out how to buy a ticket. We assumed that some wires must have gotten crossed… until Steph and Cleek sat down behind them and started playing. 

Later in the show, they brought in some musical friends including Aoife O’Donovan (of Crooked Still and the Goat Rodeo Sessions fame) and Paul Kowert (bassist in the Punch Brothers). And, for a dancing segment, they moved the camera to floor-level to give us a close-up view of the dancing shoes. 


The webshow lasted for about 45 minutes and Cleek and Steph earned $523.42. There was talk of doing these on a regular basis… judging by their imaginative use of the online concert format, they will start building a loyal following in no time. 

Follow Stephanie Coleman and Cleek Schrey on Concert Window

Follow Brian Conway on Concert Window

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October 22, 2013 at 3:55pm

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Concert Window Tips & Tricks: Mairtin de Cogain and Johnny Cuomo

Two recent Concert Window performers, Mairtin de Cogain and Johnny Cuomo, put on well-attended webshows and tried a few new techniques to connect with audience members. 

Mairtin had already done a successful webshow previously and scheduled this second one about a month after the first. He created a Facebook event to spread the word and, via the event page, asked for song requests from his fans. 

During the show, Mairtin offered an option where people would get a DVD download if they contributed over $10 between their ticket and tips. By the end of the show, 25 people had signed up for the download and got to further enjoy Mairtin’s music. This is a great way for a musician to offer something special for their viewers. Email if you’d like to set this up for your OPEN show.

Johnny Cuomo is a NY-based singer-songwriter and guitarist. He sent out webshow invitations via Facebook and his email list and got a fantastic turnout. Johnny, like Mairtin, ran a highly interactive show and did a number of viewer requests. 

Johnny also set up a microphone to get pristine audio quality, and used a small bit of amplification to boost the overall sound. Streaming was smooth and everyone had a great time.

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Want to set up your own live webshow? Check out for more information. 

October 3, 2013 at 12:47pm

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Concert Window Success Story: Joey Abarta

Joey Abarta is an uilleann piper (Irish for “elbow” bagpipes) originally from Los Angeles and now living in Boston. Over the years Joey has spent a great deal of time listening to the old masters of piping like Patsy Touhey, Seamus Ennis, and Willie Clancy. In his own way, Joey sees himself as a traveling musician and truly lives for the music. 

He put on a great show last night, adding guest musicians and a guest dancer. 20 people bought tickets and they contributed 38 tips during the show. Joey ended up making $174.81 for the half-hour webshow. 

There was a pretty awesome “tip combo” when a number of people tipped in a row. This has been happening frequently with OPEN webshows lately.

Here’s a screenshot of how the show looked: 

Congratulations to Joey and we hope to have him back again soon!

- - - 

Want to create your own live webshow? All you need is a laptop and a living room.

October 1, 2013 at 2:12pm

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Concert Window Success Story: James Gurney (part two!)


Award-winning artist James Gurney returned to Concert Window to do his second live drawing webshow. The first one was a huge success, with 110 tickets sold, 22 tips given, and $448 earned. This time around, James picked a new subject for his drawing – a dinosaur model. With his wife Jeanette answering questions in real time, James painted the dinosaur while viewers around the world watched over his shoulder.

Ticket sales were a marked increase over the first webshow, with 166 sold. Tips more than tripled, with 67 tips contributed. Altogether James earned $542 for the webshow. The chat itself was lively and insightful, with people asking questions about art methodology, equipment, and psychology. Due to the live drawing format, James extended the webshow to about 45 minutes to get in all the questions and answers. 

He plans to schedule another drawing webshow in the near future, so stay tuned!

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Want to sign up for your own live webshow? It’s easy to do and it’s a great way to hang out with your friends and fans around the world. Visit to learn more. 

September 30, 2013 at 1:15pm

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Musician Testimonial: Brian Conway


"I was thrilled to be one of the first Traditional Irish Musicians to participate in the new Concert Window format. What a wonderful way to share your music with those who live too far away to hear you and even more amazing to do so from the comfort of your own home. I received positive feedback from as far away as Australia! I look forward to using this platform to express my music many times in the future. Congratulations to Dan Gurney and his team for making this happen!!!"

Brian Conway

September 20, 2013 at 10:26am

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Concert Window Success Story: Máirtín de Cógáin

Máirtín de Cógáin is a proud Cork man, now living up in Minnesota, USA. He is an old-style storyteller and well loved around the world for his songs, bodhran playing, and infectious personality. As he is spending some time at home with his wife and new baby son, Máirtín decided to do a Concert Window webshow from his living room to connect with his friends and fans all around the world. 

The support was fantastic. There were 58 tickets sold on a “pay what you want” basis at an average price of $11.12. The tips were flying in. At one point there was a series of eight tips in a row! 

Thanks to everyone’s support, Mairtin made $527.40 for the webshow. Máirtín sang a number of his best known songs and even asked for requests on Facebook before the show. The interactivity of the show made it a memorable night for everyone. 

And even baby Milo made an appearance! 

Thanks Máirtín and hopefully see you back on Concert Window soon!

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September 15, 2013 at 8:04pm

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Concert Window Success Story: Devin Shepherd and Marta Cook


Marta Cook and Devin Shepherd are two of the finest Irish musicians in the United States. Performing on harp and fiddle, they hail from Chicago and are now integral members of the New York scene. Concert Window OPEN was a perfect opportunity for them to reconnect with their friends and fans around the world.

Marta created a Facebook event to publicize the OPEN show. She invited over 1,000 people and over 50 people RSVP’d. When it came time for the show, they sold 34 tickets on a pay-what-you-want basis with an average price paid of $26.35. During the show, 31 tips were given by viewers. 

By the end of their half-hour webshow, Marta and Devin had made $686.79

They are planning to do another webshow soon, so stay tuned!

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Want to set up your own webshow on Concert Window OPEN? It’s easy. Click here to begin, or email us for more information. 

September 11, 2013 at 12:26pm

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Concert Window Success Story: Dan Isaacson

Last night Concert Window had its first solo bouzouki webshow – not something you see every day! Dan Isaacson, the artist in question, also plays flute and uilleann pipes and lived in Boston for many years before moving to his current home of Baltimore.

Dan webcasted using his computer’s built-in camera and a great little USB mic called the Snowflake ($45). 12 people bought pay-what-you-want tickets at an average of $12.44 and there were 9 tips given during the show. Altogether Dan made $119.63 for the half-hour webshow.

I want to particularly point out that the sound was fantastic – if you’re thinking of doing a webshow on OPEN, definitely look into the Snowflake as a mic.

- - -

Sign up for your own OPEN webshow at or email Dan with any questions